Rheumatology Associates of Greater Houston strives for improving the quality of life for patients with autoimmune and rheumatic conditions. Our physician works with the patient and their families to evaluate and diagnose complex acute and chronic rheumatological conditions, involving bones, joints, muscles, bursa, and tendons. Dr. Khawari chooses to provide individualized patient-centered and evidence-based treatment options.

At Rheumatology Associates of Greater Houston, we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of all rheumatologic conditions including:

She incorporates obesity management in her practice, with consultancy on anti-inflammatory nutrition and pharmacological management of obesity.

We appreciate your consideration of our office to serve your medical needs regarding your Rheumatological conditions, and offer:

Our goal is to give an expert and up-to-date consultation and treatment of your rheumatological condition with commitment and compassion. We believe in communicating and collaborating with your primary care physician and other physicians involved in your medical care. We forward a copy of your evaluation to your primary physician and medical care team.

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